The World Academy was created to study the human impact on the worlds organized in the space of human life. We study the forces affecting the behavior and organization of people, the influence of outer and terrestrial space on their behavior. The influence of conscious and subconscious processes on people. Energy-informational influence between people, distinguishing them by the ways of influence. The actions of people when influenced by energetic, magical, as well as mental influence. We use technologies of different types and orders. The main ones are our own developments of Wikikosmoenergy and the developments of Cosmoenergy V.A. Petrov. We teach those who wish to the techniques of Cosmoenergy and Wikikosmoenergetics, and also we are engaged in the removal of influences of any order and of any force. Unlike others, we use modern technologies to educate people, explaining to them the principle of work and methods of using any impact. You can make an appointment with us or study, as well as health improvement via the Internet. We work in different countries of the world and will expand our capabilities.